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About Our Campus

Kebri Dehar University (KDU) found in the Eastern part of Ethiopia, in the Somali regional state, Korahey Zone. It is the 2nd Public Higher Education in Somali Regional State following Jigjiga University (JJU).

KDU started its teaching-learning process with four faculties namely Faculty of Dryland Agriculture, Faculty of Business and Economics, Faculty of Social Science and Humanities, and Faculty of Natural and Computational Science.

The University’s main campus is located in Kebri Dehar town, the capital of Korahey zone. The town is located at about 425 km and 1035 km distance from the capital city of Somali region-Jigjiga and capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa respectively.


Kebri Dehar University was established in 2015 as an autonomous public Higher Education Institution with its own legal personality under the proclamation No. 349/2015 of the council of Ministers of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. KDU received 1,200 students as a first batch for 2017/18 academic year.


Kebri Dehar University aspires to be the first leading higher education in the country for natural resource management and utilization, pastoral and agro-pastoral community education, research and technology transfer by 2030.


  • Providing quality of Education, Training and Consultancy Services
  • Produce National and International competent graduates in different fields of the study
  • Undertake problem-solving research, and disseminate knowledge and technology to pastoral and agro-pastoral communities
  • Provide transformative and community demand-driven services


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