Property Administration

Property  Directorate Director
1. Effective management of institutional assets
1.1 Ensure that remittance assets are met, standardized, and properly organized on a banker.
1.1.1 Approves property invoices, ensures that expenditures are not properly registered and confiscated, and that a fixed object code is issued, that it is used for its intended purpose;
1.1.3 Ensure the inspection and registration of the permanent and permanent assets of the school, and shall conduct an annual audit.
1.1.4 Facilitate the necessary conditions for the disposal of non-essential assets;
1.1.5 Deleted Deleted Assets from the Database;
1.1.6 Provides information to the concerned bodies on the management and use of the assets managed by the Bureau;
1.1.7 Evaluate the team’s monthly income, expenses, and balance reports.
1.1.8 Responds to complaints from service providers and prepares performance reports.
2.2 Improving internal asset management and utilization systems
2.2.1 Oversee the implementation of modern asset management and utilization procedures based on asset management guidelines.
2.2.2 Evaluate the results of research to improve internal asset management and utilization systems, submit them to the relevant body, and monitor its implementation when approved.

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