College of Health Science

Abdifetah Abdulahi sheik

Dean, College of Health Science

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About the College.

Kebridehar University officially established the college of health science on December 22, 2022, as part of its mandate to achieve universal health coverage by 2030. The college of health science established to encourage cross-pollination across various disciplinary paradigms establishes standards and quality health professionals for the teaching-learning process; create opportunities for collaborative research and publication; and maximize its effort for achieving universal health coverage for its thematic areas and entire community in the country as well.

In line with the mission and vision of KDU the college of health science exercises unique roles in training highly skilled compassionate health professionals, this allows to contribute to the expansion of universal quality health care coverage and demand driven education in the areas of research and emphasis integrated comprehensive quality health pillared by preventive promotive and rehabilitative of health care system in the country.


The college’s mission is to prepare and educate future leaders in health science and produce competent and compassionable health professionals through quality education and academically rigorous and socially sound meaningful cutting-edge research output that serves the community in the region and the country at large.


  • The College of Health Science strives to advance human health by being one of the leading health science colleges recognized nationally and particularly in Eastern Africa, for providing patient-centered services, transformative research, technologically advanced medical education, which enables preventive and promotional care that leads to healthier communities.
  • To be the medical college that sets the standard for educating students, scientists, and teachers who will work together to improve health locally and globally.
  • To build a diverse and inclusive community in order to enrich learning, foster innovation, and tackle the emerging and re-emerging epidemics and pandemics which is the most difficult challenging in health care sector.
  • To generate and disseminate new knowledge through research and education that leads to new and more effective therapies which results systematic health improvement.


1.     To produce qualified, skilled, active, and dedicated health professionals capable of working in any unfavorable situation on a national and international areas.

2.     To provide need-based training to health professionals such as nurses, public health workers, midwives, laboratory scientists, and other paramedical allied personnel.

3.     To provide training for active compassionate health professionals who’s capable of identifying and treating community health problems at front line and grassroots level particularly maternal and child health.   

4.     To provide training in order to develop professional competence who have the ability to conduct sound research independently.

5.     To foster a welcoming environment for postgraduate students and other studies.


Undergraduate programs

1.     BSC degree of public health officer

2.     BSC degree of clinical nursing

3.     BSC degree of Laboratory science technology

4.     BSC degree of Midwifery