Master of Science in Development Economics


In Kebri Dehar University department of Economics was opened with university itself in 2015. The department has been doing well to produce qualified citizens who went to participate in research and development, teaching and consultancy service that the economy demands and thereby contribute towards the fulfillment of the development policies and strategies of the country.  

The department started running a post graduate program at the master’s level 2021, and launched a new program in October 2021. The MSc in development Economics is a two-year program of study involving course work and a year-long thesis project.

Currently, there are 22 students enrolled in regular programs pursuing their studies towards the Masters of Science in Development Economics. The aim of the program is to produce high level professionals in Economics who will serve to contribute to the country’s effort to realize sustainable economic development. Staffs, the program has 2 full-time teaching staffs: 1 Assistant Professors (expatriate) and 1 Associated Professor (expatriate)

 Postgraduate Programs

Master Programs

  • MSc in Development Economics

These programs are being offered in Regular 


Vision of the department is to be one of the leading departments in countries by 2030 and be exemplary through the provision of quality education in subject areas of economics, undertaking research and community service.


The mission of the department is enhancing the intellectual and economic strength of our country and transform pastoral and agro-pastoral economies through our academic program, research and community outreach activities.

Admission Requirements

MSc in Development Economics

Candidates with BA/BSc in Economics, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Resource Economics and Management, Natural Resources Economics, Environmental Economics,   Development   Economics   and   Statistics   are eligible for the program. Applicants who have completed BA/BSc degree in related field(s) of study other than listed in (1) above but have taken two core economics courses (Microeconomics and Macroeconomics) and Mathematics specific to their field (e.g. Mathematics  for  Finance,  Mathematics  for  Managers,  etc) with 3 credit hours and scored a minimum of C grade at undergraduate level are eligible.