Finance And Procurement

Procurement and Finance  Directorate Director       

1. Directs, coordinates and supervises the work unit
1.1. Ensures that procurement rules and regulations are properly implemented;
1.2. Establish and implement a transparent, accountable and transparent system for the efficient operation of procurement services.
1.3. Makes urgent purchases from all sectors in accordance with the rules and regulations.
1.4. Ensure that specifications are required for the type of goods purchased, quality standards and quantities, and monitor and verify that the goods purchased are accurate and in accordance with the specifications issued.
1.5. Examine the bid documents certified by the team leader, certify the signature and send it to the approval committee.
1.6. Supervises the procurement process and takes action against those who do not fulfill their contracts.
1.7. Executes contracts on the basis of the amount of money delegated by the Superintendent;
1.8. Approves and approves procurement requests in accordance with the plan;
1.9. Monitors, coordinates and directs procurement and transit activities in accordance with reliable public procurement guidelines.
1.10. Supervises, coordinates, and monitors the timely purchase of various goods and services in high quality and at an affordable price.
1.11. Confirms various reports and statistical reports on procurement activities;
2. Receive feedback on procurement performance, provide feedback and take remedial action;
2.1. Receives feedback on supply, takes corrective action by monitoring and monitoring procurement performance
2.2. Receives and investigates complaints, complaints and suggestions from both internal and external users;
2.3. Provides and raises awareness on the procurement process for suppliers.
3. Planning, directing, supervising and organizing procurement activities
3.1. Annual plan is prepared based on the strategic plan of the sector and evaluates its performance.
3.2. Organizes the business sector with the necessary resources, creates favorable working conditions
3.3. Directs, supervises, and supervises staff
3.4. Evaluates staff performance, encourages efficient staffing, identifies potential employees and provides them with special support;
3.5. Identifies and studies the operational problems of the sector and facilitates and facilitates implementation.
4. Establish and enforce domestic and foreign procurement system
4.1. Provides up-to-date planning performance reports to the relevant body;
4.2. Prepares annual procurement demand document, procurement plan and procurement specification for public procurement and property management, monitors procurement according to time and specification
II Finance
1. Directs, coordinates and supervises the work unit
1.1. The work unit plan will be prepared in a timely manner, and when approved, it will distribute the work to groups and professionals;
1.2. The department coordinates professionals and staff, measures performance, evaluates, and provides training and technical support.
1.3. Monitors activities performed on time and quality;
1.4. Provides the necessary equipment and manpower, and solves problems.
1.5. Ensure that services to both internal and external users are properly provided and that complaints do not occur.
1.6. Monitors the implementation of directives from government agencies.
2. To carry out the accounting activities of the institution in accordance with the financial rules and regulations
2.1. Monitors and verifies that accounting records are properly maintained and recorded
2.2. Enables the proper application of various billing and authorization forms and formats in use.
2.3. Monitors, supervises and oversees projects funded by the government, loans and grants.                                                          2.4. Examines the need for various payment requests in accordance with the power of attorney, and verifies the mother-in-law’s approval of payment checks and orders.
2.5. Accounts will be prepared on time and audited by external auditors, corrective action taken by auditors
3. Manage the budget of the institution and use it for its intended purpose, protecting resources from wastage
3.1. Regularly checks cash and bank accounts to determine the school’s financial capacity
3.2. Monitors the use of the school budget for its intended purpose and properly records it, prepares statements for budget preparation
3.3. In the event of a budget deficit, it proposes to allow additional budgets.
3.4. Regulates the appropriateness of payment and budget requests to the relevant team leader or expert and oversees the implementation.
3.5. Provides assistance and loan findings in collaboration with relevant departments, and provides counseling services.
4. Monitor the collection and disbursement of receipts and receipts on a timely basis.
4.1. The office monitors and confirms that the various revenues are collected on time and deposited with the relevant body.
4.2. It monitors the timely receipt of various government agricultural taxes and other deductibles.
4.3. Monitors the collection of grants and loans on time, verifies that they have been deposited in the company’s bank account
4.4. Ensures high-volume transcripts, balance sheet analysis and analysis
4.5. Prepare the school’s financial report on a monthly basis and submit it to the relevant government body.

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