College of Freshman and Common Courses

Ahmed Mohamed Husen

Dean, College of Freshman and Common Courses

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The college of freshman and common course (CFCC) is among the colleges of the Kabri Dahar University which was established in 2012 E.C. The college is a “pre-college year” or “year of general studies” with the aim of strengthening the educational foundations of students, offering strong remedial courses in basic subjects, giving university teachers the chance to evaluate students on a full year basis, and helping students to make informed choices with respect to their fields of specialization at the end of the year.

Moreover, the full year of the freshman programme introduced or focused on offering general and preparatory courses before students chose their areas of studies in their second year. The grades of the students earned in their first year also determined whether they would be allowed to study their choices of programs during their second year.

The courses to be introduced in the new academic year are listed as: critical thinking; general psychology; general physics; general biology; general chemistry; global trends; economics; communicative English; Ethiopian geography and the Horn; mathematics; physical fitness; introduction to emerging technology; anthropology; entrepreneurship; moral and civic education; and inclusiveness.