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Abdirizak Sheik Muhumed

Student Service  Directorate Director

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Role of Student Services Director 

 1. Organize and direct the work of the directorate. 

 1.1 Plans, directs, and coordinates the work of the Directorate based on the University’s strategic plan and overall annual plan.  Program prepares budget, implements, monitors and supports implementation of plan 

 1.2 Regularly reviews budget adjustments based on scope of work and attention to be paid, verifies their implementation when approved, and reports on their performance. 

 1.3 Evaluates work regularly, quarterly and quarterly, studies customer satisfaction, adjusts results, reports, and monitors staff performance. 

 1.4 Develop a training plan based on the training needs of all teams and service personnel, and facilitate the training of staff in accordance with the plan. 

 1.5 Assesses the performance of employees after training, and provides feedback to employees. 

 1.6 Ensure that the necessary manpower is provided by food preparation, accommodation, sanitation and health workers; 

 1.7 Creates a better and more efficient system by studying and identifying work constraints and ensuring its implementation. 

 1.8 Participates in University University Council meetings, provides input, inputs, informs council decisions, and monitors their implementation. 

 1.9 Prepares current performance report; 

 2. Ensure quality food is provided. 

 2.1.  Ensures that university students receive food services according to their approved budget. 

 2.2.  In collaboration with the Student Council, verify, evaluate and provide feedback on the availability of raw materials and cooked food on a budget basis; 

 2.3.  Ensures the importation and use of raw materials and cooked food in accordance with the contract entered into by the suppliers; 

 2.4.  … Collects information on the condition of boilers, grinders, refrigerators to provide quality food, and monitors the necessary repairs. 

 2.5.  Monitor reports on feeds based on menus, and leave feedback. 

 2.6.  It formulates rules regarding the university and its performance for new entrants, making it available to students in a variety of ways. 

 3. Ensure that students receive health services in accordance with institutional guidelines. 

 3.1.  Ensures the provision of medicines and medical facilities to provide basic health care to students; 

 3.2.  Ensures that expired drugs do not expire, that expired drugs are disposed of in accordance with guidelines 

 3.3.  Ensures that university students receive health services according to their budgets, ensures that their budgets are used properly; 

 3.4.  Contributes to hospitals for the provision of referral treatment to students, ensures that students receive medical services in accordance with the contract; 

 3.5.  Ensures that newcomers have access to health service rules, provide access to research-based basic health training, consult with physicians, and make informed decisions. 

 4. Ensure comfortable and clean bedding is provided. 

 4.1 Ensures, supervises and supports bed and cleaning teams that have the necessary inputs for their work. 

 4.1.1 Develop guidelines for student discipline and dormitory environment and monitor performance in accordance with guidelines. 

 4.1.2 Advise students who are out of discipline or lead to disciplinary action. 

  4.1.4 Verify, evaluate and provide feedback on dormitory and sanitation services in conjunction with the Student Council; 

 4.1.5 Establish dormitory and cleaning service rules for new entrants, inform them in various ways; 

 5. Ensure high quality cooked food and raw materials are available. 

 5.1.  Ensure the provision of cooked food and raw materials is planned for the success of the student food service. 

 5.2.  Ensures the preparation of bidding criteria for the supply of quality cooked food and raw materials. Informs the relevant department and monitors the implementation.

5.3.  Ensures that raw materials are imported and used in accordance with the suppliers’ contract.  It reports the performance to the relevant department.  If not provided in accordance with the contract, it will be enforced under the terms of the contract. 

 5.4.  Supervises and supervises the importation of raw materials for students 

 5.5.  The suppliers’ list of raw materials and documents will ensure that they are properly handled and ready for payment. 

 6. Encourage students to participate effectively in sports, leisure programs, mentoring and clubs. 

 6.1.  Based on the University’s strategic plan for sports competitions, entertainment, student counseling;  Clubs and moral tools;  Prepare a plan for procurement of goods and services and submit the request to the relevant department;  Provides the necessary follow-up. 

 6.2.  Ensures that a detailed program is prepared for the performance of sports competitions and entertainment programs to be held at the University;  Provides support and monitoring, monitors performance.  Provides feedback: 

 6.3.  Ensures, supports, and facilitates the necessary inputs to participate in the public university sports festival to be held at the national level. 

 6.4.  Encourages student councils and clubs to be established, supports student councils, encourages students to form clubs of their choice, and ensures that they are established. 

 6.5.  It collects the proposals and applications submitted by the clubs and makes the appropriate comments and decisions in a short period of time, considering the appropriate legislation and implementation.  Ensures adherence to university rules regarding student application and proposal selection. 

 6.6.  Student councilors’ election is democratic, transparent;  Ensures fair, free, and honest conduct. 

 6.7.  Facilitates leadership training for student council members;  Provides adequate knowledge of club management and decision-making and provides appropriate support.  Facilitates adequate life skills training in collaboration with other sub-processes. 

 6.8.  Collect the quarterly report on the council’s performance plan;  Holds re-election when councilors complete their term of office or graduate from university;  Provides certification and specialized leadership training to those who find it satisfying for the club. 

 6.9.  Student Counseling, Clubs, Ethics;  Special Needs and Support Service prepares internal instructions and formats.  It monitors the implementation and decides on recommendations for improvement. 

 7. Improve service delivery. 

 7.1.  Provides prompt response to requests for repairs to bedrooms and toilets, machines, yard drains, etc., and monitors performance. 

 7.2.  Assess student satisfaction every 6 months, provide feedback on the survey, and take corrective action; 

 7.3.  Responds promptly to questions from staff, student group leaders, discusses, conducts meetings according to schedule, and reports. 

 7.4.  Plans, coordinates and conducts national events, graduation ceremonies, student acquaintances. 

 7.5.  Monitors discipline, provides counseling and necessary discipline to ensure students are learning in a stable environment; 

 7.6.  It pays special attention to the admission and service of students from different countries, making sure that the necessary budget is kept. 

 7.7.  Receives and discusses questions from various students from federal and state institutions. 

 7.8.  Provides capacity building for service personnel, evaluates post-training changes;

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