Women affair and HIV Controlling

Faduma Farah Hussien

Women’s Affairs and HIV/AIDS Prevention Directorate Director

Tell:- +251915747090

Institutional Email:- faduma12@kdu.edu.et

Personal Email:-  sadraqali7090@gmail.com

Role of Director of Women’s Affairs and HIV / AIDS Prevention

1. To make the work of the directorate effective by planning, directing and coordinating;
1.1 Prepares the quarterly, semi-annual and annual plans of the directorate and shall, upon approval, implement them;
1.2 Prepare and implement the directorate of the Directorate’s plan budget.
1.3 Directs, coordinates, and evaluates the day-to-day operations of the directorate staff
1.4 Coordinate the work of the Directorate in coordination with other departments;
1.5 Evaluates the performance of the directorate staff, provides feedback, completes work
1.6 Facilitate the development and implementation of the capacity of the directorate staff to carry out their responsibilities efficiently.
2. Provide ongoing monitoring and support to ensure gender equality
2.1 To review the policies, regulations and directives issued in the sector from a gender perspective, monitor its implementation, and advise the responsible on its interpretation;
2.2 Monitor and support the implementation of the Gender Action Plan in line with the realities of the sector.
2.3 Establish a system to include gender issues in sector activities, monitor performance, evaluate, identify gaps, and provide appropriate feedback;
2.4 Provides appropriate technical support to ensure that programs / projects implemented in the sector are gender-specific as appropriate.
2.5 To monitor and support the institutional culture as responsive to gender;
2.6 Project Designer Requires Funding,
2.7 Monitor, support and disseminate analyzed data on the participation and benefit of women at the sector level.
3. Creating awareness, formulating and implementing good practices through facilitating consultative forums
3.1 Conducts a training demand assessment, monitors the implementation of short and long term training based on the results, and develops strategies and methods for the provision of various trainings and technical support;
3.2 Facilitates a consultative forum on issues related to gender organizations and organizations in the sector, formulates good practices, and works in coordination.
3.3 Promote good practices by exchanging experiences in capacity building activities through forums with governmental and non-governmental organizations.
3.4 Organizes seminars and workshops that promote the role and rights of women, and presents research papers on women.

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