Physics Department

Senait Ketema Seyoum

Department of Physics Head

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The Department of Physics is one of the Departments in the College of Natural and Computational Sciences, Kebri Dehar University. The history of physics department began with the opening of the Kebri Dehar University in 2010 E.C. The Department was opened with the objective of the producing professional physicists who are equipped with basic scientific skills to conduct researches in different disciplines, to train University Professors and secondary school teachers in physics. Starting from its foundation, the department has devoted its efforts towards enhancing its learning and teaching capabilities. Presently, the department of physics offers Undergraduate Programs in applied Physics, and graduated two batches of undergraduate students at the end of 2013 E.C. Besides teaching and learning process, the department is also involved in a number of scientific researches, community engagement programs and activities geared towards raising scientific awareness in the public at large. The current staff profile of the Department is:  11 Lecturers who specialized in relatively diverse areas. In addition, it has about 8 Graduate assistance.


Department of Physics aspires to be one of the top departments in terms of outstanding quality education, research, Technology transfer, and community engagement activities.


The Mission of physics department is to provide quality education in physics so as to produce competent professionals who can support the development endeavor of the country as well as to carry out problem solving research at local and national levels.