Sociology Department

Abdihakim Hussein Yousef

Department of sociology Head

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The department of sociology is one of the new disciplines that formed and started one of its first programs (regular) in 2014 E.C under college of social science and humanities in kabridahar university.

As a department we have 57 students from this number of students ten (10) are from the female students and other 47 are from the male students therefore we are intentionally improving the quality of education.

The department of sociology at kabridahar university provide a broad range of high-quality courses that expose students to sociological perspectives, leading to an understanding of our own as well as other societies and cultures.

The department also aspires to enable sociology to play its rightful role in development processes and enable the discipline to make significant contributions to nation building efforts.

The department of sociology at kabridahar university envisages in delivering a high-quality education in order to produce graduates who are knowledgeable and skillful enough to tackle the multifaceted social, political and economic problems of the country.


To make the department of sociology one of the renowned departments at kabridahar university, so that students from all over the country would make the university their favorite and the department their first choice.

The department aspires to be model for center of excellence by producing highly qualified graduates and by conducting various researches to solve the economic, social, cultural and political problems of the societies.

Students should get a clear idea of career opportunities by the end of the program.

department head will be responsible for helping students with scheduling, career guidance, counseling, and tutoring.


The department of sociology at kabridahar university has the following missions:

  • Graduating qualified socio-cultural expertise to be part in the struggle to get rid of poverty
  • producing industrious graduates who are creator of job opportunities instead of looking for employment from the government.
  • Supplying the market with ethical, well-disciplined and morally shaped graduates
  • Feeding different sector offices and NGOs with qualified personnel
  • Producing highly qualified graduates who can undertake demand driven researches on various social dynamics, both at micro and macro levels.

Duration of the study

  • After your selection and screening to join the program, it takes three years with 6 successive semesters for students to complete their study.

Admission requirements

  • Students admitted directly from secondary school are required to meet the national higher education enrolment criteria and learning of one-year common course.
  • Students placed to the college of social sciences and humanities can join the program on competitive base according to college level.
  • Students registered in the department of sociology must take a total of 180 ects
  • A student is required to have a minimum GPA of 2.00 upon graduation without any fx and f grade in any of the modules/courses.

Current programs

The department of sociology currently offers only one programs.

  1. Bachelor’s degree in sociology (regular)