Human Resource

Mahamud Fentale Yusuf

Human Resource Management And Development Directorate Director

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Role of Human Resource Management and Development Director

1. To make the work of the directorate effective by planning, directing, coordinating, monitoring and evaluating its performance;

1.1 Plans, organizes, directs, monitors, supports, determines, evaluates, evaluates performance, identifies gaps, completes
1.2 Prepares, monitors and evaluates annual performance of the sector strategic plan
1.3 The staff of a highly organized institution shall be periodically assessed in accordance with the evaluation system issued by the government, and shall carry out the following activities in accordance with the results of the evaluation.
1.4 Decide on matters relating to human resource management and administration in accordance with the powers vested in the heads of the institution, or monitor the implementation of decisions made;
1.5 Supervise the establishment and implementation of various recruitment, promotion, transfer, disciplinary, grievance redressal and other relevant committees for a highly organized institution in accordance with the rules and regulations of the civil service.
1.6 Enforce new recruits by providing them with induction training  Inducation for government directives and regulations, the establishment and expected results of the institution and the responsibilities of the various departments of the bureau.
1.7 Report to the Board on the current performance of the Directorate.
2. To conduct studies and review guidelines;
2.1 Revise guidelines for human resource management for a highly organized institution and, when necessary, review new research, and review research findings;
2.2 Perform job analysis for job vacancies for a highly organized institution and prepare job descriptions
2.3 Conducts standardized human resource workplace safety and health surveys for a highly organized institution, reviews the findings, and submits them to the relevant body;
2.4 Explore, formulate, formulate and formulate local and foreign experiences, and translate relevant ones into action;
2.5 Establish, expand, and expand the practice of compiling, evaluating, and evaluating the new practices of the Directorate, combining good practices.
2.6 Assess, evaluate, and approve studies for modernization mechanisms for the development of modern human resource management in a highly organized institution.
3. Implement human resource management activities in accordance with the rules and regulations;
3.1 Monitors the implementation of public servants proclamations, regulations, directives, circuits and relevant directives;
3.2 Conduct merit-based human resource recruitment and selection for a highly organized institution;
3.3 Ensure the utilization of various benefits and services for a highly organized institution;
3.4 Ensure standardization of human resources in the workplace.
3.5 Ensures staff personal records are kept up-to-date and up-to-date.
3.6 Prepare, evaluate, and verify explanations and responses in accordance with the law in the field of human resource management.
3.7 The Responsible Branch Office shall respond to inquiries regarding labor recruitment by following rules and regulations, and shall monitor its implementation; Confirms:
3.8 Manpower planning, data collection, analysis, verification, and transmission of information to the relevant body;
3.9 Prepares human resource examinations for approved positions, prepares, tests, examines, corrects, corrects, and organizes data in a modern way (hard and soft copy).

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