Community Service

Zakariya Abdiwali Mohamed

Community Service Directorate Director

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Kabridahar University Community Service Directorate

Kabridahar University was established in 2015. KDU has a mission of providing quality Education, Training and Consultancy Services, produce National and International competent graduates in different fields of the study, undertake problem-solving research, and disseminate knowledge and technology to pastoral and agro-pastoral communities, provide transformative and community demand-driven services. This shows that community service is one of the core missions of KDU. To achieve the aforementioned mission the university established community service office for guiding and initiating all directed activities.

 Community Service Projects/Capacity building trainings undertaken recently and in-progress;

  • Establishment of public reading space in Kabridihar City;
  • Provide technical and Material support to TVET College Institutions;
  • Improve the capacity of schools by providing tutorial classes;
  • Capacity building training on gender and women empowerment in Pastoral community;
  • Capacity building training for the unemployed youth and females on entrepreneurship and Marketing strategies;
  • Capacity building training on Reading and writing skills for Kabridahar Youth
  • Capacity building on supporting sport programmes in Kabridahar city
  • Provide award for top 6 grade 12 students in Kabridahar city
  • Provide technical support on safe disposal of solid waste for Kabridahar City.
  • Establishment of green space Infront of Kabridahar Hospital;