Mathematics Department

Tsegaw Muche Tessema

Department of  Mathematics Head


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Vision of Mathematics Department

The Department of mathematics aspires to be a prominent mathematical center committed to the advancement and dissemination of mathematical knowledge and to the training of competent and responsible mathematicians who will contribute to the development of Ethiopia. The Mathematics Department offers a broad and challenging academic program that supports the mission of Kebri-Dehar University and the College of Natural and Computational Science. We aim to provide high-quality education in undergraduate mathematics, meeting the needs of diverse students, produce national and International competent graduates in programs of study in mathematics.

Mission of Mathematics Department

The department of mathematics aspires to be one of the leading departments in the fields of pure and applied mathematics in Ethiopia for the next twenty years. The Mathematics Department provides a range of programs of study in mathematics, including:

  • Imparting of quality mathematics education and the inculcating of the spirit of research through innovative teaching, community service and research methodologies.
  • To achieve high standards of excellence in generating and propagating knowledge in Mathematics and Offers mathematics courses at all levels.
  • To provide an environment where students can learn, become competent users of mathematics, and understand the use of mathematics in other disciplines.
  • Conducts research in pure and applied mathematics.
  • Offers Community service courses to in various departments.