Business and Economics

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Dean, College of  Business And Economics

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About college of Business and Economics

The college of Business and Economics is one of the four colleges which were established on Kebri Dehar University in 2018 G.C with having three departments. The main objective of the college is to create qualified professionals in all fields under its scope; the college produces experts in the area of Accounting and finance, Entrepreneurship, investment, business and personnel management, supply chain management, leadership in public administration and policy development and macro and micro economic concepts.

The college expects to play remarkable role in betterment of quality education delivery through better learning and teaching process by organizing all stakeholders and efficiently utilizing the available resources of the country’s. The college expects to made tremendous change in education level and will made great effort to get tangible result in teaching and learning process of the country in the near future


  • To be the center of excellence and known in teaching and learning, research and community services in all fields of its scope through emphasizing areas such as Finance, Economics, Business and personnel management, Public policy development and administration in 2027.


  • To train qualified manpower and create internationally competent citizen in all areas of Business and Economics that could contribute to the development efforts of the country.
  • Initiate and conduct demand driven researches in the aforementioned areas of studies.
  • To provide need based and reliable consultancy and short-term training services to the society.

Currently the college has five departments with a total of 1,786 undergraduate students and a total of 192 post-graduate students in both regular and extension programs. The college has total of 85 on duty academic staffs:  3 Professors, 8 Associate professors, 2 Assistant professors, 30 Lecturers and 15 Assistant lecturers.

As part of the accomplishment of its mission, the college has been offering courses under extension weekend undergraduate programs in the field of Accounting and Finance, Management and Public Administration. In addition to this, the college is also offering courses under post-graduate weekend programs in the field of Accounting and Finance, Business Administration, Project Planning and Management. Currently, the college is offering five undergraduate programs and four post-graduate programs.

In addition, the College is working very hard at the same time to improve efforts for further expanding the educational services in terms of opening various programs in different towns such as Shilabo, Sheykosh, Denan.

Undergraduate programs

  1. Accounting and Finance
  2. Economics
  3. Logistics and Supply chain Management
  4. Management
  5. Public Administration and Development Management

Postgraduate Programs

  1. Master of Science in Accounting and Finance
  2. Master of Art in Business Administration
  3. Master of Science in Development Economics
  4. Master of Art in Project Planning and Management

Finally, the college wants to inform for the community and other interested bodies to join our campus, to work together for better quality education, to solve our community problem, and to involve and contribute our effort for our country’s development. Our staff members are eagerly volunteer to participate in any type of work when ever called up on by society that benefit community and country’s at large.