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Kassaw Awoke

Department of Biology Head

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Department of Biology

Kabridahar University is one of Ethiopia’s fourth-generation universities, with its foundation stone placed in 2016.

The Department of Biology has progressed tremendously since its inception in 2018. It now has a group of academic and technical personnel that are well-qualified to support the numerous programs now available, which are tailored to the needs of the country and industries. The Department has been committed to providing professional training in diverse Biology topics to fulfill the demands of the industry, society, and the country at large, with a staff members of 19 and three technical staff.

The current Biology department’s offerings are sufficiently adaptable to provide excellent training in a variety of life science fields. Undergraduate biology programs are designed to give high-quality instruction in biological knowledge and skills.

Biology has emerged as a critical discipline that can help our country develop. Physics, mathematics, engineering, forensic, environmental, agricultural, and biological sciences all have a fundamental connection to Biology. Biology is a subject that, by its very nature, answers a plethora of fundamental questions posed by scientists.


The department’s mission is to become a leading center for providing scientific information to graduates in order to improve the country’s socioeconomic situation. Furthermore, our graduates will be able to actively engage in Ethiopia’s process of improving and developing science and technology.


  • The department’s mission is to advance, disseminate, and apply scientific knowledge by producing competent, compassionate, and responsible professionals and citizens through curriculum tailored to meet societal needs; and conducting basic and applied research aimed at understanding and solving social needs and problems.