Logistics And Supply Chain Management Department

Assefa Anteneh Getie

Department of Logistics and supply chain management Head

Tell: – +251911581075

Institutional Email: assefa@kdu.edu.et

Personal Email: – assefaanteh7@gmail.com

Department of Logistics and supply chain management is established in Kebridehar University in the year 2021/2022G.C. It is one of the departments under the college of business and Economics which established to produce competent graduates, conduct research and community service. Nowadays, the rapid pace of change in the world economy is determined by cognizant consumers, a shift in economic influence toward the end of the supply chain; deregulation of key industries; globalization; and technology. All of these forces of change raised up the importance of Logistics and Supply Chain Management as a strategic firearm for competitive advantage. 

Alongside, with world economic growth, Ethiopia demands large number of logistics and supply chain personnel’s that play their own role for the sustainability of this growth, specifically when the small number of professionals on the areas like transportation, purchasing, logistics, port operation, value chain, Customs Clearing & Freight Forwarding and the industrial growth where not balanced. Hence, to fill this gap commencing logistics and supply chain department in Kebridehar University and producing qualified Logistics and supply chain managers come to be unquestionable.


To become one of the premier teaching department in Kebridehar university by inspiring and empowering students’ paramount knowledge to strive national and international competitions


  • Providing quality and relevant education and training to produce internationally qualified and competitive graduates
  • Doing one’s part by carrying out problem solving research
  • Improving the standard of living of citizens by conducting community services at a higher level