Accounting And Finance Department

Gebremariam Mehabaw

Department of Accounting and finance Head

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Brief overview

The Department of Accounting & Finance has been contributing towards meeting the country’s demand for trained human resources in the areas of Accounting and finance.  Since its establishment in 2010 E.C in the name of the Department of Accounting and Finance and the department has under the college of business and economics. The Department of Accounting & Finance is presently one of the five departments within the College of Business and Economics having with both undergraduate and postgraduate regular and weekend programs.


The Department runs both graduate and undergraduate programs namely:

  • BA Degree in Accounting and Finance (Regular and Weekend)
  • MSc Degree in Accounting and Finance (Regular and Weekend)
  • MA in Project Management collaborate with Department of Management (Regular and Weekend)


“In 2020 To develop the leading and known high quality Accounting and Finance education provider that integrates community based research and consultancy services”.


Particularly, the mission of the Department is:

  • To provide high quality courses to support the undergraduate and graduate programs of the College of Business and Economics and the University at large.
  • To provide high quality programs of education for accounting and finance majors at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • To simulate and support productive, high quality research, and publication.
  • To provide service, largely through committee representation to the University, the College of Business and Economics, the Department, Accounting and Finance Community, and the Accounting profession.
  • To prepare the students effectively for the global competition to achieve their ultimate goals.