English Language and Literature Department

Handebo Hankor Harsana

Department of English Language and Literature

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Institutional Email: handebo@kdu.edu.et

Personal Email: handeboharsana@gmail.com


It is known that there are eleven newly established public Universities in2008E.C. Kabridar University is one of fourth generation public University which is established in 2008 E. There are four colleges and twenty three departments.

English Language and Literature department is one of the departments under college of social science and humanities at Kebri Dehar University starting from the foundation of the university. The department mainly aimed at producing competent human power in micro and macro language skills at national and international level. In addition to this, the department enhances the knowledge of learners in journalism, critical thinking (creative writing) and intrapersonal communication and interpersonal communication. The department is also compelled to produce educated, technologically proficient, and productive citizens and making significant contributions to the development of a culturally diverse society.

Vision of English Department

English department plans students to be flexible, confident, and able to face and interact with diverse socio-cultural challenges of the world, and engage and foster their abilities to achieve academic and career led excellences. Thus, the department is planned to empower learners to make informed decisions that benefit their communities and themselves, and to communicate these decisions effectively on a local, regional, national and international contexts.

 2: Mission of English Language and Literature department

  • To conduct competency-based and effective student-centred higher education courses in the field of English language and literature;