Social Science and Humanities

Mohamed Osman Abdi

Dean, College  of Social Science And Humanities

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Kebri Dehar University is one of the country’s 11 newly launched public universities, which began preparatory functions in 2015 under proclamation No. 349/2015, but officially began teaching learning in 2018 G.C. The College of Social Science and Humanities was one of the university’s first four colleges to open and begin teaching learning service. The college of social science and humanities consisted of three departments at the beginning, and for the first time in 2018 G.C accepted a total of 100 students. In response to the community’s need for additional departments, two programs were added to the college in 2021; As a result, the college today has five major departments.

  • Geography and Environmental Studies
  • English Language and Literature
  • History and Heritage Management
  • Sociology
  • Political Science and International Relation


  • Mission

College of social science and humanities mission is to implement the kebri Dehar University’s mission of proving quality education, training and consultancy services

  • Vision
  • To produce highly motivated and talented students in all undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the college with better academic achievement.


  • To promote lifelong learning and the development of skills and knowledge that is relevant to contemporary problems.
  • To provide a high-quality education that meets the needs of students and the community, where the objectives are realized


  • College core values are to:-
  • Endeavor for academic excellence and score higher upon this.
  • Assure a high-quality learning atmosphere with the most up-to-date technologies.
  • Promote an innovative thinking.
  • Conduct reliable research that is beneficial to society.
  • Encourage diversity among academics staff, and students.
  • Treat mainstream Community exposing kindness and respect.
  • Strive for excellence in serving all stakeholders, and see transformations as an opportunity for progress.


  • College of social science and humanities performance of duties

 Every higher institution and its sub-institution are established to provide the community with three very important roles as the college of social science we have a big role to play in these three essential activities

  • Teaching,
  • Research, and
  • Community service

Teaching:- The college of social science the main goal is teaching learning for regular students in campus of the university it’s important to note that the college uses the best teaching instruction/approach which is “small class teaching” refers to teaching situations in which students (approx. 20-45 students) work actively on the course content, train practical skills or critical thinking. The educator of small class teaching can range from Bachelor degree students given to full lecturer.  Teaching learning ask below queries

  • Why are we offering this course?
  • What will the student learn in the course?

Above two questions the College of social science and humanities takes into account teaching learning goals the college applies which intended purposive and desired objective of all programs courses to identify the knowledge, skills, and capacities a student required to achieve as a learning outcomes

  • Community service

Community service is one of main objective of the university along with college of social science and humanities which benefited by local community where focus on promoting teaching learning local high schools. It is clear that service learning and community service activities in high schools may result students engagement and bolster/strengthen the quality education of the schools to reduce school student dropout, as well low academic performance. for instance before community service offering years the kebri dehar secondary and preparatory  schools students national exam results  were low but now they bring good score due to service learning community service.

  • The College of social and humanities is working day and night to ensure that teachers receive further education

There are Two Academic programs in the university HDP (Higher diploma program) and IELS (International English language testing system) that benefit the University’s colleges. So that the college of social science and humanities is at the forefront of leveraging these two programs which are very important for enhancing of teacher’s knowledge