Geography and Environmental Studies Department

Abdo Wudad Kemal

Department of Geography and Environmental Head

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The Department of Geography and Environmental Studies was established as one of the departments in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Kebri Dehar University in 2010 E.C. Up On its establishment, the department started its mission by registering the first batch of Geography and Environmental Studies students which accounts for 43 students enrolled in regular under graduate program. The department showed a progressive expansion in the last five years where the number of students and instructors goes on increasing. Starting from its establishment, the department has strived to achieve its objectives of teaching learning, research and community services. Understanding and managing our environment is the most crucial task of our world today. Thus, we seek to research and understand our environment. It is based on the principle, understanding the environment that we from the department of Geography and Environmental Studies endeavor to produce competent environmental managers, consultants, teachers and experts. A professional being trained in geography and environmental studies is particularly relevant to understand the diversity of places and regions, the relations between societies and the natural environment, the relationships between global processes and local outcomes, and the process of developments.


The highly inspired vision of the department is to be nationally and regionally recognized as one of the best departments in producing competent, critical and scientifically equipped Geographers.


The department’s mission is offering quality education that emphasizes on the pursuit of knowledge through instruction, research, training and consultancy services, produce competent, innovative and problem solving graduates of Geography and Environmental Studies.